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From 2003 foreign sales have the following customer cooperation:

Beverage Industry: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Huiyuan Juice, Tianjin Dahu Juice, Nongfushangquan, unified factory, Wong Lo Kat;

Pharmaceutical industry: Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, double - Crane Pharmaceutical, Jimin medicine, Guizhou and other world;

Dairy industry: Bright Dairy, Mengniu Dairy, Behin the United States, summer into the dairy, and so on;

Beer industry: Shanghai Suntory, Tsingtao Beer, Harbin Beer, Snow Beer;

Cosmetics industry: Procter & Gamble, Beijing Dabao, Shanghai Jahwa, a small nurse, Unilever, and so on;

Food industry: Kraft Foods, Xinghua Lou, Dali Park, Pepsi food;

Beverage machinery industry: Guangzhou Dayi Long, Nanjing Light Industry Group, Shanghai Wodi, Zhangjiagang new US-Star, Xiangshan into a letter, and so on;

Pharmaceutical machinery industry: Qianshan pharmaceutical machinery, Changsha Chutian, Hunan Meeting a, Zhejiang Wei Chi, Shanghai Zhenlun, Shanghai Heng Yi, and so on;

Packaging machine industry: Hangzhou Wing Chong, Beijing Wing Chong Tongda, only one package, West Germany music machinery;

Dairy machinery industry: Hefei in the e, Hangzhou, Central Asia, Shanghai dairy machinery factory, and so on;

Cosmetics machinery industry: Shanghai East, Shanghai - Pu, Shanghai, such as benefits;

Tire industry: Qingdao Double Star, Hankook tires, Qingdao, such as soft control;

Solar energy industry: Yingkou Jinchen, Shaanxi Zhongsen, Zhangjiagang ultrasound, Langfang million and so on;

Meat processing industry; Jilin Yi Sike, Qingdao Jianhua, Changshu slaughter, Shuanghui, and so on;

Glass industry; Zibo three gold, Binzhou Jinma, Weifang Sanjiang, Suokun daily glass, and so on;

More than 2,200 domestic customers; more than 300 foreign trade companies; more than 500 foreign direct customers

I adhere to the Secretary-specific, brand, market-oriented development path, not only optimize the hardware and software facilities, improve market , believe that the two sides uphold mutual trust, understanding and win-win guidelines, in the near future, Formed from the general cooperation to the main cooperative relations and then to strategic cooperative relations. Division I is willing to go hand in hand with the old and new friends, create brilliant tomorrow!

Division I is willing to go hand in hand with the old and new friends, create brilliant tomorrow!

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