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Bertel shaftless screw conveyor

Time:2016-12-31 Author:Lilai

Widely used in building materials, chemicals, environmental protection, electricity, medicine, metallurgy, food and other industries, especially for sewage treatment plant in the delivery of sediment, grille slag and sludge dewatering mud cake and other materials. Material into the hopper from the hopper, no axis of the spiral body to the material delivered to the desired location emissions.

This product mainly by the drive unit, the transmission spiral, the U shape groove, the lining board, the cover plate, the feed mouth, the discharge mouth, the cover (when necessary), the base and so on.

Spiral presses are mainly used for grid separation of the grid residue for screw press dehydration, reducing the accumulation of grid residue to remove the vast majority of moisture in the grid residue for the transport and landfill.

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