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Discussion on the Reason of Rotation Stop of Screw Conveyor

Time:2016-12-31 Author:Lilai
1. The material is too large, the material can not be successfully passed the middle of the hanging bearing, the material in the middle of the bearing resistance is too large, causing the motor overload, serious will burn the motor. It is necessary to clean up the accumulation of material within the conveyor, and to convey the viscosity of the material can not be too large. 2. Reducer bearings in the car after the temperature rise too fast, with abnormal noise, and accompanied by motor, reducer vibration. At this time should be quickly shut down, and in the following areas to find the reasons: 1) Reducer output bearing temperature is normal, the shaft axis of the high temperature. This is due to loosening of the motor fixing bolts or burning of the bearing at the output shaft of the reducer. The coupling between the gearbox and the motor should be released and the installation should be re-calibrated. 2) reducer output, the input bearing high temperature. This is due to loose gear reducer loosening or both ends of the bearing reducer burned. The need to reducer both ends of the coupling are released, re-calibration installation. 3) open gear transmission noise at the reasons: the first and end bearing seat loosening or offset, so that the transmission gear spacing changes need to re-adjust the adjustment; transmission or bracket loosening or offset, so that transmission gear The pitch changes. 4) Reducer output shaft at the bearing temperature is high, the input shaft temperature is normal. This is because the screw shaft centerline offset or reducer output shaft bearing burned, first and end of the fixed bearing loose. To release the reducer output shaft and screw shaft coupling, re-calibration installation. The above is the work of the screw conveyor to stop the rotation of the reasons for a sudden, do not panic, to identify the cause of the problem in a timely manner, so as to enable faster screw conveyor into the work
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