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How to operate the mold temperature machine safely?

Time:2016-12-31 Author:Lilai

1, mold temperature machine handling

Mold temperature machine should be carried out before the necessary protective measures, handling process, careful not to damage the mold temperature.

2, mold temperature machine installation precautions

2-1 Install the mold temperature machine, be careful not to damage the unit, the rational layout of the mold temperature around the space to facilitate the maintenance and maintenance of mold temperature.

2-2 In accordance with the recognized piping system design and construction installation standards, rational design and installation of cooling water systems, in order to give full play to mold temperature performance.

2-3 units should be placed horizontally, and installed in the ventilation position, to prevent motor overheating.

(1) cooling water outlet configuration must be used high temperature hose or cotton yarn tube, not combined with PVC hose and low temperature pipe, to prevent the discharge of hot water and soften loose or rupture!

(2) connecting the mold temperature to the mold of the throat must be used more than 150 ℃ high temperature pipe or Tiefo pipe, tubing connected locking, and then check again after boot, so as not to loose.

2-4 Water source and cooling tower surrounding environment is bad, the cooling water circuit must be installed Y-type filter, and regular cleaning to ensure that the normal operation of the mold temperature cooling system

3, the mold temperature of the power connection

3-1 unit with the main power line through the control box on the perforation in the box connected to the column, to ensure a solid connection.

3-2 Unit power requirements: Main power supply voltage: Rated voltage within 10%. Main power frequency: Rated frequency within 2%.

3-3 mold temperature machine power supply with three-phase five-wire, voltage 380V-400V, the mold temperature machine power line, the power line connected to the MCCB power switch, zero line and neutral line (zero line) Zero line (N) connected to the power line.

3-4 When the main power supply voltage fluctuates beyond the specified range, it is forbidden to start the mold temperature controller, otherwise it will be regarded as improper operation.

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