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Warmly congratulate Shanghai Lilai Chain Co., Ltd. on-line success!

Time:2015-07-06 Author:Lilai

At present, our factory owns more than 100 sets of equipment, such as Zhenxiong injection molding machine, CNC, mold temperature machine, group machine sparks machine, milling machine, grinder, lathe, punching machine and so on.

Staff of 126 people, including six engineers and 13 technical staff, as well as a group of more than 10 years with the company's growth in the master and the workers, from product design, processing to open mold → injection → assembly → logistics and other links.

We adhere to the medium and high quality positioning, profit margins, mutual win-win principle, with the company's development as large, the existing conditions, the ability for domestic and foreign customers with high quality, complete, fast, excellent price.

From 2003 foreign sales have the following customer cooperation:

Beverage Industry: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Huiyuan Juice, Tianjin Dahu Juice, Nongfushangquan, unified factory, Wong Lo Kat;

Pharmaceutical industry: Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, double - Crane Pharmaceutical, Jimin medicine, Guizhou and other world;

Dairy industry: Bright Dairy, Mengniu Dairy, Behin the United States, summer into the dairy, and so on;

Beer industry: Shanghai Suntory, Tsingtao Beer, Harbin Beer, Snow Beer;

Cosmetics industry: Procter & Gamble, Beijing Dabao, Shanghai Jahwa, a small nurse, Unilever, and so on;

Food industry: Kraft Foods, Xinghua Lou, Dali Park, Pepsi food;

Beverage machinery industry: Guangzhou Dayi Long, Nanjing Light Industry Group, Shanghai Wodi, Zhangjiagang new US-Star, Xiangshan into a letter, and so on;

Pharmaceutical machinery industry: Qianshan pharmaceutical machinery, Changsha Chutian, Hunan Meeting a, Zhejiang Wei Chi, Shanghai Zhenlun, Shanghai Heng Yi, and so on;

Packaging machine industry: Hangzhou Wing Chong, Beijing Wing Chong Tongda, only one package, West Germany music machinery;

Dairy machinery industry: Hefei in the e, Hangzhou, Central Asia, Shanghai dairy machinery factory, and so on;

Cosmetics machinery industry: Shanghai  East, Shanghai - Pu, Shanghai, such as benefits;

Tire industry: Qingdao Double Star, Hankook tires, Qingdao, such as soft control;

Solar energy industry: Yingkou Jinchen, Shaanxi Zhongsen, Zhangjiagang ultrasound, Langfang million and so on;

Meat processing industry; Jilin Yi Sike, Qingdao Jianhua, Changshu slaughter, Shuanghui, and so on;

Glass industry; Zibo three gold, Binzhou Jinma, Weifang Sanjiang, Suokun daily glass, and so on;

More than 2,200 domestic customers; more than 300 foreign trade companies; more than 500 foreign direct customers

I adhere to the Secretary-specific, brand, market-oriented development path, not only optimize the hardware and software facilities, improve market , believe that the two sides uphold mutual trust, understanding and win-win guidelines, in the near future, Formed from the general cooperation to the main cooperative relations and then to strategic cooperative relations. Division I is willing to go hand in hand with the old and new friends, create brilliant tomorrow!

Our contact details are as follows:

Laili Lai to the chain Limited

Tel: 021-61024778,67613148,67613150,67613189,67613120

400 Hotline: 400-963-1518 (pre-sale and after-sale)

Contact Fax: 021-67613190

Mobile phone number: 181-21094749,156-01759929

Want: llchina llchina3


Address: Songjiang District, Shanghai, Dong Jing Road Town, 398, No. 1, No. 6, plant doors

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